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One Bullet Flower Mug and Autographed Book, "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield (SK7791)

One Bullet Flower Mug and Autographed Book, "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield (SK7791)

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Roughly 14-16oz. size mug, Stoneware, handmade by Joel Cherrico on his pottery kickwheel. Flower texture was pressed into soft clay with a .30-06 Springfield bullet, inspired by using violence and chaos to instead create beauty.

Collectors Edition Book: Two bookplates, made from handmade paper by Sienna Cherrico, were mounted in the inside cover by the Cherrico Pottery Team, using archival glue. One bookplate signifies the book as a Collectors Edition, exclusively available here on It bares an insignia that matches the mug. The second bookplate was sent to Steven Pressfield, autographed, then mounted in your book.

This mug is a collaboration between author Steven Pressfield ( and potter Joel Cherrico ( Joel and Steven share the sales of their collaborative art 50/50. 

Additions of clay on the handle help these mugs look and feel handmade, emphasizing how they were formed with Joel Cherrico's hands on a pottery kick-wheel. Finger marks on the bottom of each mug were left intentionally, showing how the pots were dipped in glaze by hand.

All pottery is handmade by Joel Cherrico and the Cherrico Pottery Team. All of our Stoneware and porcelain pottery is 100% food and non-toxic. Mugs are meant to be used and enjoyed daily. Mugs are dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing all pottery. Most mugs are microwave safe but some experimental colors might have metal colors that cause the pottery to be non-microwaveable. 

Pottery is inherently brittle compared to other, non-brittle materials like metal. If you hit your mug against a surface or drop it, it can break. Broken pottery cannot be repaired. But with careful use, pottery can remain identical for thousands of years.

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