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Sold out mug and book pairs might never return. This is because every mug is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Mugs were handmade by potter Joel Cherrico and his small team at Cherrico Pottery. Joel made them at a specific time and place, when he was inspired by Steven Pressfield's writing.

Handmade art is inherently limited in quantity. So, Joel and Steven decided that the best way to put their collaborative art into the world was at auction: starting bid: $1, no reserve price. 

This guarantees that all mugs and books will sell and ship to people, anywhere globally. They'll get used and enjoyed, for whatever people decide they’re worth.

You can browse a limited selection of some previous mug and book auctions below, to get a sense of what new creations might exist in the future, and what they might sell for. To get notified when new mugs and books are available, sign up for the free Cherrico Pottery Newsletter:

All mugs are made by Joel Cherrico and the Cherrico Pottery Team, All books were written by Steven Pressfield, They share all revenue 50/50.

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