Collection: Auctions, M-F (often the best deals)

Auctions on mugs and books are meant to give anyone the opportunity to buy our unique mugs and books at fair market values.

  • 5 new mugs and books weekly
  • $1 starting price + shipping, auction style
  • No reserve prices
  • Every Monday, 6am Central: 5 mug and book auctions start
  • Every Friday, 6pm Central: 5 mug and book auctions end 

Because all work is required to sell (even if people only bid a few dollars) it guarantees our work will ship to people, anywhere globally, for whatever they decide it's worth.

"Wow! This is fucking awesome!”

- You, when you get your mug and book.

You can get cheap, machine made mugs anywhere. But these mugs are art. They are limited editions, handcrafted in the USA in small batches.

Every mug has a badass quote, inspired by a book. Every book was written by world renowned author Steven Pressfield, All mugs were made by Joel Cherrico and the Cherrico Pottery Team, They share all revenue 50/50.

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