Pre-Order: One "Conquer Resistance" Mug and One Book, "Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants To Be" by Steven Pressfield

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Roughly 16-17 ounce size. Pre-order, ships May 1st or earlier.

“If you’re a writer or designer or anybody who works at a computer or an office desk and you’ve been AVOIDING doing this for some dream aspiration of yours, set THIS MUG down at your workstation and don’t use it anywhere else. It is only for PUTTING YOUR ASS in that chair and doing the work.” - Steven Pressfield

These mugs are handcrafted in the USA, in small batches. Handcrafted means that every mug is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. No two mugs are identical, with unique ceramic chemistry to create colors inspired by galaxies in outer space, on 100% non-toxic, dishwasher safe mugs. Hand painted text is inspired by Steven Pressfield's newest book, "Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants To Be" and proceeds from every sale are shared with the author.

Mug body shapes were made from Stoneware clay in Ohio, USA by Mayco, a well-known maker of pottery materials. They use a "slip casting" method to skillfully produce identical shapes that are chip resistant clay, yet smooth. Mayco bisque kiln fires each mug to 1800 degrees Fahrenhiet, then ships mugs to Cherrico Pottery, a small batch pottery studio in Minnesota, USA.

The Cherrico Pottery Team applies all glaze designs by hand. You can actually see finger prints on the bottom of each mug, that we leave intentionally to show the mark of the hand, since we dip each mug in glaze with our hands and fingers. We then kiln fire the mugs again, much hotter: 2200 degrees F. The result is a 100% non-toxic, dishwasher safe coffee mug, shipped from Cherrico Pottery to your doorstep.

This mug is a collaboration between author Steven Pressfield ( and potter Joel Cherrico ( Every mug ships with a copy of the book, "Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants To Be" by Steven Pressfield. Joel and Steven share all revenue from the sales of their collaboration.

The "thumb spot" of these mugs say, "Do the work." This is meant to inspire your inner creator, to push you to "CONQUER RESISTANCE" and inspire you to write what your soul is yearning for you to write, build what you are inspired to build, and do what you are internally driven to do.

Mugs are glazed with colors inspired by galaxies an nebulae in outer space, from images captured by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. These colors are painstakingly applied by hand, by intricately layering 4 different glazes. Kiln firing to 2200 degrees F. means that even the interior of your mug has colors inspired by a spinning galaxy, locked into a 100% non-toxic, dishwasher safe surface.

Every mug is a unique piece of handmade art. No two mugs are identical and styles vary.

All of our Stoneware and porcelain pottery is 100% food and non-toxic. Mugs are meant to be used and enjoyed daily. Mugs are dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing all pottery. Most mugs are microwave safe but some experimental colors might have metal colors that cause the pottery to be non-microwaveable. 

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