One "Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants To Be" Mug (18 of 20) and Book by Steven Pressfield (SK7130)

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“If you’re a writer or designer or anybody who works at a computer or an office desk and you’ve been AVOIDING doing this for some dream aspiration of yours, set THIS MUG down at your workstation and don’t use it anywhere else. It is only for PUTTING YOUR ASS in that chair and doing the work.” - Steven Pressfield

This mug is a collaboration between author Steven Pressfield ( and potter Joel Cherrico ( Every mug ships with a copy of, "Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants To Be" by Steven Pressfield. Joel and Steven share all revenue from the sales of their collaborative art 50/50. 

Mugs are glazed with 9 different colors. The mug interior is inspired by a spinning galaxy, created by layering custom glaze chemistry and kiln firing to 2280 degrees F. to create a 100% food safe, non-toxic mug that is meant to be used and enjoyed. The mug exterior is inspired by Steve's advice to, "Face the blank page to beat Resistance." The far side of the mug is inspired by a meteorite texture, representing the reward of making a break through.  

The handle of the mug is inspired by the butterfly on the cover of Steve's book, representing transformation. 

The bottom of the mug shows, "18/20" meaning only 20 of this mug style will ever exist. Every mug is a unique piece of handmade art. No two mugs are identical and styles vary.

Mugs hold about a medium cup of coffee, about 15-17 ounces, but mug sizes might vary an additional 1-2 ounces, because every mug is handmade, and Joel Cherrico is not a machine.

This mug is 100% non-toxic, functional and meant to be used and enjoyed. Gently hand wash only. Do not microwave or put in the dishwasher, becase that could damage the surface of your pottery. Do not drop it, because broken pottery can not be repaired. But under regular, careful use, this mug will last more than a lifetime.

Comfortable additions of clay on the handle help these mugs look and feel handmade, emphasizing how they were formed with Joel Cherrico's hands on a pottery kick-wheel. Finger marks on the bottom of each mug were left intentionally, showing how the pots were dipped in glaze by hand.

Your mug and book ship together.

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